5 Tips For Coaching A Youth Girls Team Effectively

Being a youth basketball coach is definitely not a walk in the park, especially when coaching girls. High school girls have a lot of things on their minds, ranging from popularity contests with other girls to boyfriend and relationship issues. At this youthful stage, it seems like about everything can make them break down into tears.

At the same time, as a basketball coach, you possess one of the most imperative and exciting jobs in the world. You have the chance to interact with young creative minds, giving them knowledge and skills that will help them in and out the basketball court. You have a responsibility of teaching the young girls the right things as well as setting a good example for them to emulate.

As pointed out earlier, coaching a youthful basketball girls’ team has its challenges. Therefore, here are 5 tips to coach youth girls basketball effectively.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Young girls are known to be very emotional. After a poor performance in a game, you often see a loss of confidence and belief in one or two of the team members.

If one or two things does not go by the book, criticizing the basketball players is never helpful. As a matter of fact, it will make the girls less confident and hesitant in their playing. As a good coach, you should reinforce the good, encouraging and motivating them in order to get the most out of them.

Have a Philosophy

Every leader has a way of doing things. In this case, come up with some rules and guidelines to help manage the team effectively and efficiently, and to help them work together more easily.

This includes preparing a schedule on practice session time and setting goals like reaching the final in a tournament. It also entails determining punishments of breaking the set rules.

Encourage Teamwork

Since there is a lot of competition among girls both on and off the court, it is important keep the team as a whole. Teach your players the policy of “we” and not “me”. This will make them team players and bring them together.

Foster Good Communication

In every sport, you will see a coach barking orders at his or her players during playing time. This shows that communication between the coach and the players is important.

Encourage the players to exchange thoughts and ideas on how they can cooperate. As a coach, you should keep in touch with your players (professionally). Know about their health, their general life at home, problems they face and try to help them out.

Keep it Simple

Basketball is a simple game, therefore implement the Keep It Simple System. Most new coaches think that they need to have a lot of practice drills but that is not the case. Have you team master a couple of things like dribbling without pressuring them too much.

With those tips, you will be able to encourage hard work, self-confidence, leadership, resilience, and teamwork in your girls and as a result making you a good coach.

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